Technical Details


For the Technically Minded  Vi~Aqua continuously applies electromagnetic radio signal to the water via either a submersed, inline or hollow antennae. The relatively long wavelength is safe in its own right although it is also confined within the body of water.  

tensione superficiale

The Vi~Aqua system works by altering the natural surface charge of suspended particles and acts to modify the Zeta potential. The negative charge, induced by the applied sgnal, enhances the stability of the suspension by means of increased electrostatic repulsion between particles. This is due to the resultant double layer of ions that surround particles and vessel / pipe surfaces which are in contact with the water.  

The modified "zeta - potential" facilitates improved hydration of solids and reduced surface tension of the water, thus creating the Benefits that will be see in your grass or crop. 


Specifications for Vi-Aqua  Water Energising Technologies  GES 



The Vi~Aqua system comprises 2 assemblies  

a) Power Supply / Control Box  

IP66 rated (weatherproof) secure, enclosure, CE

compliant Input - supply voltage Output - connection to antenna assembly  

b) Antenna  


a) Power supply /Control Box

Supply: 89-264V ac 50/60Hz

Output: 24V dc to antenna

Power consumption: 24W per hour  

b) Antenna  

Power supply: 24V dc from Control Box

Propagation: 27 MHz  Radio Frequency propagation directly into water inlet or sump.  


Treats 250,000 litres volume or 100,000 litres /hour flow

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