Effects on Animals


Vi~Aqua effects on animals

vacche bevono

Vi-Aqua is a system that enhances the growth of animals by increasing the capacity of absorption of nutrients .

It is not an additive  as you do not add anything to the water except natural energy.

The Vi-Aqua device is a unique patented tool that can produce the electromagnetic activation of water.

Vi-Aqua, by modifying the configuration of hydrogen in the water, reduces the surface tension, producing a more available solute, which in turn makes nutrients more available for the animal.


In other words, the intestinal villi of the animals are able to absorb nutrients more effectively, and this improves the growth of the animals.

In addition to this, the hydrogen peroxide product, reduces the bacterial load, favoring the functions of the immune system and also reducing the production of methane in the intestines and that of ammonia in the body.



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